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Freight Security – Farons Express Pte Ltd

generic_page.pngProtecting Your Assets 24/7

When you ship with Farons Express, you can always ship with confidence. We’ve established a company culture where freight security is a top priority. From the moment you drop your shipment off until it’s delivered, your cargo undergoes constant around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance. Most of our facilities have on-site security officers and a closed-circuit video system recording all warehouse and ramp activity to prevent unauthorized access, so your freight is never out of sight.

But that’s not all. For enhanced security, we employ seasoned investigators and use the latest technology with bar-code and internet-based tracking systems to follow your shipment the entire time it’s with us, from acceptance to delivery. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive supply chain security in the industry.


Our staff will take care of rate negotiations, booking, shipping requirements, and documents and maintain complete control throughout the Cargo journey.